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Rapunzel of Sweden - Leader dans les extensions de cheveux
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Rapunzel's Ponytail is made from real hair that you can easily attach and remove using practical velcro fastening and a little hidden hair comb, all in under a minute! Perfect for a fuller pony, bun or braid. This authentic hair can be cut, styled and shaped with low heat to suit both your look and length.

How to get a ponytail: 

  1. Put your hair in a pony tail.
  2. Stick the built-in comb in under the elastic band of your ponytail.
  3. Attach the velcro band.
  4. Wrap the hair strand around the fastener on the ponytail and secure with a hairpin.
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When washing

All your new, genuine extensions need is a little love and care. Follow these instructions to keep your Ponytail looking as good possible for as long as possible. The less you wash and style your hair piece, the longer it will last.

How to:
Brush the hair before washing to remove any knots and tangles. Using a soft hairbrush, start at the tips and work your way up in sections. Rinse the hair in luke warm water, use only conditioner or treatment, do not rub. Rinse. Leave the hair to dry naturally.
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Your real hair extensions can be cut and styled with low heat to get the length you desire. Heat styling can be done before or after your insert your natural hair piece.
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